Help with apprentice recruitment

We’re pleased to assist you in recruiting the right apprentice, saving you time and money by arranging interviews with suitable candidates for whom we would deliver a Modern Apprenticeship.

We receive many enquiries through our website from prospective candidates and also from various media advertising.


Over many years we have formed good working relationships with careers centre staff and personal advisors and many refer to us those who enquire about hairdressing apprenticeships.


We also regularly attend local careers information and recruitment events held in schools and other venues, in an effort to educate school leavers and prospective candidates about hairdressing as a career choice and these events provide additional sources of recruitment, as do referrals and recommendations provided to us by friends and relations of current and graduate trainees impressed by our professionalism and service standards.


Introduced in June 2013 for 16 and 17 year old school leavers and unemployed, our pathway to apprenticeship programme allows employers to trial all their future apprentices without payroll cost or burden without obligation to progress them into employment if they don’t prove suitable.


The programme provides 12 weeks full time work experience in your salon, during which time we pay the candidates a weekly training allowance of £55 plus travel costs after £3, to those not in receipt of any Welfare State benefit.


It's as much a trial of hairdressing as a career for the candidates as it is a trial of the candidates for the employer, to evaluate their suitability and potential as apprentices.


For those candidates retained and progressed into employment and the Modern Apprenticeship, an Employer Recruitment Incentive is available to help employers manage the costs associated with their new apprentice(s).

Hair and photographs courtesy of Emily Hunter,  Jason Hall and Greg Kennedy.  Browse the Gallery for specific image credits.