Employer Testimonials

Below are some comments received from employers during past surveys

"We have had exceptional support from Mentor. Unfortunately the pandemic has delayed the progress of our apprentices and they have been very supportive of this."
HairTech, Edinburgh (February 2021)

“Cheryl is fantastic. We appreciate everything she does.”
Chapter One Hair Spa, Dalkeith (March 2020)

“Rowena is very helpful and a very good assessor.”
Sharon's Hair Boutique, Haddington (February 2020)

“The service is good”. 
Technik Hair Design, Edinburgh (February 2019)

“Rowena is exceptional - thank you!”
Bryony Quate Hairdressing, Edinburgh (February 2019)

“Love it”
Glitz 'n' Glam, Edinburgh (February 2019)

“Mentor Ma provide a great service to our salon and apprentices, their team are friendly, professional and support all our training needs. I would not hesitate in recommending them, thanks!”
Barocco, Edinburgh (July 2017)

“I cannot fault Mentor for the service and support they have provided Chapter One Hair Spa.  From Myself and Paul as Business owners, to the support offered for our Apprentices completing their apprenticeship.  Cheryl’s consistency and professionalism has helped our Apprentices complete their modules to exceptional standards.  From Myself and Paul thank you to Cheryl’s commitment and reliability so far.  Many Thanks, Natalie.”
Chapter One Hair Spa, Eskbank (June 2017)

“hey i am very happy with Becky she is always happy to come to the salon and Sarah really likes her and looks forward to seeing her in salon. You do a great job thanks xx”
Fin & co., Carnoustie (February 2017)

“I have used two other providers in the past & I haven't been happy, but I'm very happy using mentor.” 
LS Hair, Edinburgh (January 2017)

“I think that the course and the staff are very helpful.  I would recommend you to everyone.  I was happy during the whole process and look forward to working with you in the future.  So to your top question, I would change nothing.”  
Magee’s Hair & Beauty, Kirkcaldy (October 2012)