most successful hairdressing provider

Why choose Mentor M.A.?

We lead, others follow

Having started in the business of hairdressing education and training in 1984, Mentor M.A. is the most experienced private provider in the sector in Scotland.  We pioneered the

development of accredited salon based training and, whilst colleges and other providers were sending their trainees to the classroom, we offered the option of a wholly workplace based and workplace assessed route to the qualification. Mentor M.A. was also the first training provider to offer trainees an online learning resource.  We developed a mobile app in 2020 to provide learning resources and a means of contact exclusively for our candidates.


Beware of cowboys

Unfortunately, a number of less reputable training providers have since become established and who clearly put revenue before quality, honesty and integrity, by passing trainees on outcomes that they haven’t achieved and who have even passed some trainees on the entire qualification before they’re competent.  Thankfully, these rogue operators have little repeat business and few, if any, recommendations by other employers.  Frustratingly, much of this malpractice goes undiscovered and unreported and enables those providers to charge little or nothing for part government funded courses as the funding they receive for illicit achievement claims generates income that they would otherwise not receive.  We will continue to report these providers to the awarding bodies and funding agency as examples are uncovered in an effort to protect the reputation of the training industry and to preserve the credibility of the qualifications.  Mentor M.A. will never pass a candidate on an outcome unless their trainer in the salon concurs that they are competent in the skill and have met the standard for certification.


Meeting Employer's Needs

Unlike many of our competitors, we will register a new trainee on the Modern Apprenticeship from his or her first day, if that's what the employer wants.  Even though the first few months might be served as a traditional probationary period, it allows the employer to pay the Apprentice Rate of the National Minimum Wage immediately and demonstrates a firm commitment to training by the employer which, in turn incentivises the trainee.

Success Rates

The majority of trainees who leave their course early, do so within the first 3 months, after realising that hairdressing is not the career for them.  Consequently, early course leavers lowers our success rate, however, we believe that meeting employers' needs, customer service and customer satisfaction is more important.


Customer satisfaction

Mentor M.A. conducts both candidate course evaluations and employer satisfaction surveys annually.  Included in candidate course evaluations (we include full achievers of the qualification) is a question on whether they felt that they had been passed on any outcomes without feeling that they met the standard.


Our candidates’ feedback and employer survey results are scrutinised by quality and compliance teams within Skills Development Scotland and we're proud to have achieved 100% satisfaction in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 by both candidates and employers.  We will continue to strive to sustain our customers’ satisfaction with our services by continuing to innovate and by listening to feedback and, by implementing further improvements.


Does your current provider survey your satisfaction?  Do they advertise the satisfaction rate that they achieve?  As less reputable providers and those achieving low customer satisfaction have few recommendations by employers and little repeat business, consider how you found out about them – did they cold call or telephone you?  They'll need to do that to maintain a customer base.  If you're not satisfied with your current apprenticeship provider, please feel welcome to contact us.  We can take over delivery in mid-course and even re-assess if need be.


Our employer customer base has grown to over 300 salons, many of which have remained loyal since our inception but also includes many which have been recommended by other employers whose expectations have been met or exceeded.  Additionally, many former trainees on our courses are now successful salon owners and use our services for developing their staff.

Quality assured
  • Highest success rate of any private provider in the sector (2019).

  • Highest quality assurance rating by Skills Development Scotland of any provider in the sector (last audited 2018-19).

  • Highest quality rating as an approved centre by both City & Guilds and SQA (2010-2021).

  • HABIA endorsed provider (2016-2021).

  • 100% customer satisfaction of employers and apprentices (2017 to 2021).

Positioning and pricing

We don't intend to be the cheapest in the marketplace but we strive to be the best hairdressing apprenticeship provider in Scotland.  If what matters to you is customer service standards, professionalism, efficiency, quality of delivery, quality of learning materials and support mechanisms, then you want to engage with us.