hairdressing modern apprenticeships

Why offer a Modern Apprenticeship?

Benefits to your business

It’s natural for workers to prefer to gain industry recognised certification for their skills and knowledge and by offering a Modern Apprenticeship, employers will commonly attract recruits over employers in the same sector who offer no certification or simply employer branded certification from within their own salon or academy.


The Hairdressing Modern Apprenticeship in Scotland provides the SVQ Level 2 or Level 3 plus certification of core skills essential to creating a holistic stylist, plus a Modern Apprenticeship completion certificate issued by Habia, the Sector Skills Body for the hairdressing and beauty industry in the UK.


The position with the National Minimum Wage

Employees under 18 years of age undertaking a Modern Apprenticeship may be paid the apprentice rate of the NMW, nearly 15% less than the under 18 non-apprentice rate (the apprentice rate may be maintained until the earlier of the Apprenticeship completion or age 19).  An 18 year old starting a Modern Apprenticeship may be paid 38% less than the rate for his/her age for the 1st year.


Over the course of the Modern Apprenticeship, typically 1 to 2 years, the cost saving in employee wages can be significant.



Employers can benefit from a substantial contribution by Skills Development Scotland to fund the costs of training a Modern Apprentice.